Check out our answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Do I need a certification to go diving?
  • Yes. You need at least an Open Water certification to be able to rent gear, fill scuba cylinders, or go diving on any of our charters. This is a requirement at all dive shops.
  • Chevron down When are your charters?
  • Our charter season runs May through October, most Friday, Saturday, and Sundays
    with some Thursdays as well. We have a full charter schedule on our website.
  • Chevron down How long is a charter day?
  • On charter days, we meet at the shop at 7:00 AM and will be gone until around 4:00 PM, this time does vary depending on the dive site and sea conditions.
  • Chevron down What is included in the charter price?
  • The only thing included in the charter price is the seat on the boat. Tanks, weights, and other equipment can be rented for an addition price. Due to our dive sites being so far offshore, the price must reflect what is needed for fuel.
  • Chevron down What do I need to bring for the charter?
  • We ask that all divers bring a towel, sunscreen, packed lunch, something to drink, a timing device, and cutting tool. We also highly recommend bringing sea sickness medication to take that morning as well as taking some the night before.
  • Chevron down What is the water temperature, visibility, conditions, etc.?
  • All of these can vary widely though temperature throughout the summer can average about 80 degree Fahrenheit. We recommend a 3mm wetsuit. Visibility and water conditions vary depending on the day and weather.
  • Chevron down What is required for an Open Water Scuba Diver certification?
  • Typically, it is broken into three pool sessions and three classroom sessions. Once completed, 4 checkout dives are required, which are either done in a combination of Trophy Lakes and our offshore charter or in Florida during the offseason.
  • Chevron down Does the Open Water ScubaDiver certification ever need to be renewed?
  • No, it is a lifetime certification. However, it is common practice for any diving shop or location that divers must not have been out of the water for longer than one year. If this is the case, many shops offer scuba refreshers.
  • Chevron down How much does it cost to get Open Water Scuba Diver certified?
  • A good estimate for this certification is around $1200 to $1400 depending on the gear you purchase. This covers the cost of the class materials, pool and instructor fees, basic gear, and the 4 check out dives.
  • Chevron down What are the days for the classes you offer?
  • We have classes regularly throughout the year, all of these start dates are listed on our schedule online. A typical Weekend Open Water course runs Wednesday Night, Thursday night, most of the day on Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Chevron down My schedule doesn’t allow me to complete a wholeWeekend Open Water, what are my options?
  • For an additional price, we offer private Open Water classes that can be easily tailored to your schedule.
  • Chevron down I would like to get my son/daughter certified, how old must they be?
  • The youngest age to become a Junior Open Water Diver is 10 years old. We require all younger children to take a private Open Water class which allows us to work with them more easily. They will be certified to dive to 40 feet with an adult.
  • Chevron down Where can I find more information aboutthe Open Water Certification or other classes?
  • You can follow the link below to be connected to our Weekend Open Water and Advanced Open Water factsheets.