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We carry a wide array of equipment from several manufacturers. We have all types of equipment in all sizes and colors in stock, from wet suits to snorkeling gear to gear for more technically challenging dives. We also have E (2) oxygen compatible air. Our air is tested every quarter by Trace Analytics. We’ve been providing safe air to the dive community for 30 years!

Large Inventory!

We want you to have gear that suits your diving needs and budget. Regulator and BCD packages are available for all of our equipment brands. We’re happy to give you a quote on whatever package interests you.

Specialty Items!

In addition, we keep “specialty items” in stock – from dive communications gear to dive trackers to oxygen analyzers! This makes us very convenient for police departments, fire and rescue groups, and military purchasing departments.

Need Something Ordered?

We can order gear from any of the manufacturers that we carry. If you need us to order something for you, just ask! Our reputation is rock-solid for providing consistent, quality maintenance and support for police and civic organizations as well as for recreational divers. Please check out our Return and Special Order Policies before ordering.

Check out the list of brands that we carry!

At Charleston Scuba we strive to provide our divers with the best equipment possible. For this reason we carry a wide variety of equipment from several different brands and manufacturers. This assures we are selling the most up to date and modern equipment possible.

Akona, Aqualung, Apeks, OTS, XS Scuba, Suunto Dive computers, Henderson, Neosport, ScubaPro, SeaLife, Trident, Innovative, A-Plus, Oceanic, Cressi, Momentum Watches, Backscatter Camera Accessories