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DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

Quick Details


First Aid for Marine Life Injuries

Why Take This Course

Divers may experience unintentional encounters with fire coral, jellyfish and other marine creatures. Any time a person enters the marine environment there is a chance of being stung, bitten or cut. This course will teach you where you can expect to encounter potentially hazardous marine life and how to provide first aid when injuries occur. The more you know about the marine environment, the greater your chances of having safe, memorable dives.

What You Will Learn

This DAN First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries course teaches divers how to identify and avoid potentially harmful marine life. It also provides first aid skills to minimize these injuries and reduce discomfort.

You will learn about:
Vertebrate and invertebrate sources of envenomations
Traumatic injuries
Life-threatening complications
Seafood poisonings
* Avoidance of marine life injuries

You will develop the following skills:
Initial assessment
Shock management
Treatment of stinging and spiny envenomations and injuries
Control of external bleeding
Pressure immobilization technique
Severe allergic reactions
* Creation of an emergency assistance plan


$125.00, includes materials