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DAN Dive Emergency Management Provider (DEMP)

Quick Details


Diving Emergency Management Provider

Why Take This Course

When a dive accident occurs, multiple things happen. Separate small problems can compound to create a larger problem. DAN’s Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) program prepares you to handle the kinds of multifaceted accidents that may occur. It’s an easy and fast way to take four of DAN’s core first-aid courses in one program.

What You Will Learn

The DEMP program prepares you to address multiple problems at once and with confidence. It combines the knowledge and skills from the following four courses into a single approach to managing diving emergencies: Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid, Neurological Assessment, Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries and First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries.

You will learn the content and skills of the four courses:
CPR & use of AEDs
Neurological assessments
Decompression illness and stroke
Atmospheric gases
Respiration and circulation
Oxygen safety
Oxygen first aid for scuba diving injuries
Envenomations from marine life
Traumatic injuries
Life-threatening complications
Seafood poisonings
Avoidance of marine life injuries


$425.00, includes materials