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Lead Weight Ledges & Anchor Ledges

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Lead Weight Ledges

So named for the antique lead sounding weights that we frequently recover from this site, the Lead Weight Ledges are a delight to dive. This easily navigable, continuous reef is packed with tiny shrimps, arrow crabs, and blennies of all kinds. Large blue angelfish and sheepshead can also be seen circling in pairs around bowl-like sponges, which sometimes harbor their juvenile offspring. When you get down the anchor line, just follow the reef in one direction, then turn around and follow it back!

The Anchor Ledges

The Anchor Ledges are a somewhat patchy network of limestone ledges that were carved by the old Cooper River system during the last Ice Age, when sea levels were much lower than they are today. The ledges are about 5 feet tall and covered with soft corals and sea lettuce. Shine your light under the ledges, and you’ll see nocturnal squirrelfish and lobster, or event he occasional nurse shark. The ledges run along a general north-south heading, so if you are well-practiced with your compass, it’s difficult to get lost. This dive is great for Advanced Open Water divers practicing their navigation skills, or for novices who stay up on the high side of the reef. Maximum depth on the low side of the reef is 68 feet. This reef is one of our most photogenic, so bring your GoPro!