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Researcher & Steel Deckhouse

An great combo for any wreck diver

Quick Details


  • Advanced Open Water required
Certified Divers

These wrecks are among our favorite sites for new wreck divers. Both the Researcher and the Steel Deckhouse offer swim-through or penetration opportunities for those with proper certification, and both have highly photogenic, distinct profiles. The trip out to these sites is about and hour and forty-five minutes each way.

The Steel Deckhouse

This 2 story deckhouse portion of a cargo freighter, sitting in 90 feet of water, provides great penetration dives for those with a wreck diving certification and a reel. Other divers enjoy swimming through the outer stairwells. Be on the lookout for the Goliath grouper that lives on the second story!

The Researcher

The Researcher Wreck has settled on its side at a depth of 90 feet, with a coral- and sponge- encrusted deck starting at 60 feet. This striking wreck is one of the earliest artificial reefs established off the coast of Charleston. Be on the lookout for turtles, snapper, eels and huge, shimmering schools of bait fish.