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Little Gardens & Indigo Ledges

Two of our favorite dive spots!

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  • Advanced Open Water required
Certified Divers

Both of these highly enjoyable dive sites are in 75-85 feet of water and relatively easy to navigate. The boat ride is about an hour and forty-five minutes both ways.

Little Gardens

This reef is shaped like a horse-shoe, so make sure you navigate it using natural markers. The soft corals and sponges on these reefs are very colorful. You’ll see plenty of of species with tropical cousins, such as grey triggerfish and white-spotted filefish. Nurse sharks love this reef as well; we’ve seen as many a six at once!

Indigo Ledges

The Indigo Ledges is a long, straight, easy-to-navigate reef that offers about 6-7 feet of relief off the bottom. The nooks and crannies of these ledges are filled with sea spiders, arrow crabs, and tiny juveniles of all kinds. Look out for strange-looking slipper lobsters and spotted moray eels. We’ve also seen tropical fish on this reef, including butterfly fish, queen angles, and even a blue tang. On the way out to the site, keep an eye out for turtles, dolphins and eagle rays.