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Gardens Reef & Y-73

Dive our breathtaking limestone ledge system!

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  • Advanced Open Water required
Certified Diver

The Y-73 is one of our most photogenic wrecks, and is well worth the trip. The trip to these sites is about an hour and forty-five minutes each way.

Gardens Reef

The Gardens Reef is a long, straight reef that is easy to navigate. It’s even longer than the Indigo Ledges, making is perfect for drift diving in calm conditions. The Garden Reef is also one of our tallest ledges, offering 9-10 feet of relief off the bottom. Just like at the Y-73, you’re likely to see large marine creatures, and even some tropical species tucked away into the nooks and crannies of the reef. These limestone ledges were carved by the old Cooper River system during the last Ice Age, when sea levels were much lower than they are today.


The Y-73 is a 180-foot tanker submerged in 95 feet of water. It was used at a shepherding vessel for supplies traveling upriver during the Vietnam War. We’ve seen a lot of large marine creatures on this site, including rays, grouper and loggerhead turtles. We’ve also seen sandbar sharks, sand tiger sharks, and nurse sharks.