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Last Chance for December Rainbow River Trip!


Still thinking of joining our Dec. 2-4 trip to Rainbow River and Silver Springs?

The deadline to sign up is Saturday, November 26!


Billed as “the world’s favorite freshwater drift dive,” Rainbow River provides fun for all ages and certification levels, including snorkelers and kayakers. The crystal-clear waters of this spring-fed river percolate up from the earth at a constant 72 degrees all year, making it a popular place for warmth-seeking manatees in chilly winter months. The depth in Rainbow River varies from 3 to 20 feet, and visibility is about 50-60 feet all year.

If Rainbow River is a lazy river, Silver Springs is a water slide. A four-knot current will sweep you down this wild and verdant river, which is carpeted in long grasses like a great, windswept meadow. As a wilderness area, Silver Springs has an amazing array of wildlife. Topside, you can watch feral monkeys dart and weave through cypress knees, while below the surface, a host of strange-faced Florida fish will gape at you as you whoosh past them in the current.

The $460 cost for the whole weekend covers park fees, transportation, hotel, air fills and daily breakfast. These trips are perfect for Open Water students seeking relaxing and fun certification dives, or for Advanced Open Water students looking to check off their Fish ID, Peak Performance Buoyancy, or Drift Adventure Dives.