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We’re Goin’ River Diving!


Saturday, November 19


Join us for our upcoming fossil-finding dive in the upper Cooper River! River diving is wildly popular in Charleston because of the wealth of Pliocene-era fossils that litter our river bottoms. If you’re lucky, you’ll find fossilized bones of woolly mammoths or giant sloths, or even a megalodon tooth! We’ve also unearthed Revolutionary War and Civil War-era artifacts like bullets, cannonballs and even native pottery. If you have an adventurous spirit and don’t mind diving in low visibility, join us! Cost is $140 per person for the day, not including gear rental or tanks.

NOTE: In order to join this river charter, you MUST have a hobby diver’s license from the University of South Carolina Maritime Research Division. Collecting fossils and artifacts without a hobby license will result in a fine of up to $500. A six-month license is only $5 for in-state residents; a 2-year license is $18. Licenses take about two weeks to arrive, and you can find the application here.

 Space on this charter is limited, so call the shop to reserve your spot TODAY!

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