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Aqualung Recall


Aqualung Recall: Power Inflators

Aqualung is conducting a recall of select powerline inflators on all Aqualung buoyancy compensators (including the Apeks Black Ice) manufactured after January 1, 2015. Some power inflators installed after this date may “stick,” causing auto-inflation. Models that need replacing have a number beginning with “H” next to the power inflator button (see photo). If you have an “H” group inflator, please bring it in to Charleston Scuba to be replaced by our technician. The replacement is free and takes less than a minute.


Inflators beginning with an H date code need to be serviced – Requires an Update


Inflators with an H date code with 2-dots has been updated at the factory – No further action required


Button covers with a center dot indicate the inflator has been updated – No further action required